About Us

About Us

CV. Jati Alam Makmur is a legal company with speciality in producing Natural Wood Charcoal and Hexagonal Barbeque Charcoal. Since the beginning, we concentrate in exporting our products to various markets around the world. CV. Jati Alam Makmur was established in July 2021. We continuously expanded to become competitive and international operating company as well as a reliable partner in the charcoal business industry.

Our head office is located in Jl. Tambak Asri Putri Malu No. 43 Kec. Krembangan, Kel. Morokrembangan, Surabaya, Indonesia. Production facility is located in Kediri and Bondowoso; Desa Jiken RT 01 / RW 13, Kec. Jiken, Kab. Blora and office/warehouse in Pergudangan Mutiara Margomulyo Indah K-22, Margomulyo-Surabaya, Which is have standards in order to produce a premium quality for charcoal.

Dedicated and skilled employees are the highest resources, enable CV. Jati Alam Makmur to perform on the highest level to develop a premium grade quality of charcoal. On top of that, our clients can rest assure to be provided with their orders within the expected delivery time. With dedication, team spirit and facilities, the current production capacity reaches 350 tons per month which is around 4000 tons of charcoal production per year.

Empowering regional potential through wood charcoal and Hexagonal Barbeque Charcoal, and improving the economy through exports

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